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Get Some Sleep Essential Oil Set

Get Some Sleep Essential Oil Set

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Sleep  Essential Oil Diffuser Pillow Set

Do you or someone you know have sleep issues? 

This essential oil and pillow set is a great sleep aid for getting some rest. 

I use this and it helps me to sleep soundly. 

It’s organic and made in USA.

Take back the night! 

Add a few drops onto the pillow and tuck it into your pillow for a gentle nights rest.

How this sleep pillow set can help…

  • go beyond relaxation and enter the world of dreams with our Sleep essential oil blend 

  • the sleep diffuser pillow provides control over diffusing, keeping it right where you need it most

  • Sleep Diffuser Pillow Set Contains: fleece diffuser pillow, 5 ml Sleep essential oil blend, storage tin

Made in Vermont, USA

What makes the oil blends so special… They are made with wild harvested, organic, consciously harvested, unrefined ingredients They are preservative free. Keep oils in a cool, dark, dry place to prolong effectiveness.

Sleep essential oil blend: Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver

Get a good nights sleep with Sleep essential oil blend and diffuser pillow. This natural sleep aid helps to calm your mind, promote relaxation and induce sleep. Helps with insomnia relief and improve quality of sleep.

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