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Peace Unscented Flax Filled Eye Pillow

Peace Unscented Flax Filled Eye Pillow

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  • After a long day, Cover your eyes for relief from light and to calm you down.

  • Great at the end of  yoga class while laying down to provide calm and support.

  • Use while laying down and meditating.

  • Assists you with completion of your yoga and Pilates routine

  • Helpful for migraines to block out bright lights. Place in the freezer for cooling effect also.


  • High Quality eye pillow - Made of soft cotton cloth and filled with organic flax seeds.

  • Made in USA, Organic

  • Dimensions 8.5 (L) x 4 (W)

  • 9 oz weight

  • Soothing new colors 

    1. Clover 2. Mulberry 3. Amethyst 4. Apricot  5. Granite  6. Spruce

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Customer Reviews

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So soft!!

I absolutely adore this eye pillow. It’s super soft and the perfect weight to lay on your eyes and just let the stress of the day drain away. I also heat it up in the microwave and place the warm pillow on my forehead or eyes to relieve headaches. So much goodness with this pillow!!